Sport on the silk road; sport and Iran-China 25-year cooperation agreement

Oral Presentation , Page 230-230 (1)
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Assistant Professor in Technical and Vocational University, Tehran, Iran
Introduction: In addition to the development of sports infrastructure as one of the issues raised by the Chinese Ambassador's meeting with the Minister of Sports and Youth of Iran (1399), the excellence of sports human resources in the Islamic Republic of Iran and subsequent medals in sports events such as the Olympics One of the experiences of prosperous countries in the field of international sports is the Chinese. China is the undisputed power of sports today; The purpose of this study was to analyze the opportunities for the development of championship sports with a look at the cooperation document between Iran and China.
Methods: The present study was a qualitative (descriptive-analytical) type of library study in terms of applied purpose and data collection, which examined scientific works including books, articles, notes between the years 1391 to 1400 about Iranian sports and China took place.
Results: The research findings showed that the Islamic Republic of Iran and China, as two superpowers of West and East Asia, can have different sports interactions in the team and individual disciplines, respectively. In addition, the Iranians can use sport as a starting point and a tool to facilitate and accelerate their political-trade relations by winning 76 and the Chinese by winning 696 medals in the Summer and Winter Olympics.
Conclusion: the Chinese in the fields of swimming and diving, gymnastics, table tennis, and recently weightlifting has emerged as the undisputed power of the world, while Iran can also compete in team sports such as football, volleyball, and even Basketball to share its experiences in human resource development as the essential precondition for national excellence with this country.