Distinguished professors and esteemed colleagues,

We thank the Almighty God for providing us with the opportunity to hold a scientific event with a different approach entitled the First International Congress of Sport Sciences and Interdisciplinary Research, to be honored to host distinguished professors, esteemed colleagues, and dear students on behalf of the University of Tehran.
The purpose of holding this congress at the beginning of the new millennium is to provide an opportunity for the emergence and development of interdisciplinary research in order to respond to the complex and growing needs of society and exchange the latest views, information, and developments in various fields of sports using the views of thinkers, intellectuals as well as internal and external professors. Therefore, all esteemed professors and colleagues are invited to help us in fulfilling this important responsibility by presenting their invaluable comments and participating in the various stages of planning and holding this congress and to enable the success of the First International Congress of Sports Science and Interdisciplinary Research in achieving predetermined goals.

Dr. Mahmoud Goudarzi
Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, University of Tehran and the First International Congress of Sport Sciences and Interdisciplinary Research/ Semi-virtual