The Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences of University of Tehran ‌ has the honor of hosting thinkers and specialists in physical education and sport sciences from all over the world in the first International Congress on Sport Sciences and Interdesciplinary Research. The conditions of the Coronavirus era caused some of the congressional activities to take place in cyberspace. The main goal is to create a space for knowledge exchange, present the latest achievements and expand international collaboration in the field of interdisciplinary research.

We hope that in this congress, by adopting a systemic perspective and through methodological pluralism in interdisciplinary research and by criticizing previously accepted ideas, a new and critical understanding will be achieved and the academic community as well as the faculties of physical education and sport sciences can expand international collaboration in addition to helping to improve existing knowledge, to a common understanding of how to fulfill their social responsibility to benefit the world more from sport knowledge and physical activity, especially in the critical period of Covid-19 Pandemic.

Therefore, I invite all thinkers, professors, experts and esteemed students to actively participate in this congress and present their latest scientific findings, achievements and innovations.

Dr. Rahman Soori 

Secretary-General of the First International Congress of Sport Sciences and Interdisciplinary Research/ Semi-virtual