The effectiveness of yoga exercises in reducing depression and anxiety related to pregnancy and increasing the mental health of pregnant women

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Tehran university of medical science, nursing and midwifery department, Tehran, Iran
Introduction: This article describes the yoga treatments for anxiety, depression and improvement of mental health. The described Yoga therapy approach includes a combination of prânâyâma (breathing practices) and Restorative Yoga, a practice of prone or supine postures that is designed to facilitate the relaxation response.
methods: This randomized clinical trial was performed in 2016 on 66 primiparous women aged 18 to 40 years who referred to Qazvin health centers. The subjects in the intervention group performed 10 to 12 sessions of breathing and movement yoga exercises online by the researcher between the 26th and 27th week of pregnancy due to the spread of the Corona virus. The subjects in the control group received only routine care. Data collection tools were demographic, anxiety and depression questionnaires and Short form of questionnaire checklist of signs and symptoms of mental disorders (SCL-25). The pre-test stage was performed at 26 weeks and the post-test stage was performed at 34 to 36 weeks of gestation with a 2-week interval from the intervention. Data were analyzed by Mann-Whitney and Chi-square tests, pairedness and linear regression in SPSSv16 software.
Results: The mean scores of anxiety and depression before the intervention in the experimental and control groups were 36.38 ۸ 85.4 and 26.37 7 11.7, respectively, and after the intervention were 5.87 ± 5.4 and 84.37 6 4.6, respectively (0 / 48 = p). The study also showed that the results of analysis of covariance on overall mental health showed that yoga practice has improved the mental health of the post-test intervention group.
Conclusion: In the experimental group, the mean score of anxiety and depression decreased after the intervention. It seems that yoga can be used to reduce anxiety and improve the mental health of primiparous women in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy.