Evaluating the sports success perceptions of Iranian ethnics from the international victories of national teams

Oral Presentation , Page 243-243 (1)
Paper ID : 1451-SPORTCONGR
1Assistant Professor of Sports Management, Shahid Rajaee Teacher Training University, Tehran, Iran
2Assistant Professor of Sport Management Sport Science Research Institute (SSRI), Tehran, Iran
Introduction: Sport is rooted, as a factor, in most of the pillars of human occasions and causes interactions in international relations. Gaining honor from national champions not only increases the sense of national pride and solidarity but also it increases the international prestige and respect of countries. The purpose of this study was to evaluate and compare perceptions of sports success among different Iranian ethnic groups.
Methods: The present study was a descriptive survey that was conducted with a structural equation approach. The research instrument was a researcher-made questionnaire on perceptions of sports success, the validity of which was confirmed by 10 sports management experts and its reliability was 0.87 with Cronbach's alpha. The statistical sample was 1037 citizens from different ethnic groups of the country who voluntarily completed the internship questionnaire. Finally, 987 questionnaires were analyzed.
Results: The results of analysis of variance showed that the significance level of the test is equal to 0.075, which is greater than 0.05. That is, the difference between the mean of the variable of perception of sports success between ethnic groups is rejected. In other words, there is no statistically significant difference in the variable of perception of sports success between ethnic groups.
Conclusion: Numerous events that take place in land throughout history may spark differences and even conflicts among religious and ethnic groups . It, consequently, can undermine the national identity of citizens. The weakening of national identity should be considered as a negative factor that can affect the development of the country. But, results show that sports and sports successes have positive effects on the memory and mentality of all ethnicities of the country. So, this potential capacity should be employed to enhance national solidarity.