The effect of brand governance and strategic thinking on the innovation of sport Services

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Paper ID : 1016-SPORTCONGR
Department of Sports Management, Faculty of Physical Education & Sport Science, Allameh Tabataba’i University, Tehran, Iran
Introduction: Innovation plays a vital role in sport. Through new ideas, change and renewal, innovation shapes how sport is played, viewed and organized. Sport organizations adapt, renew and develop through creative and novel ideas. The various strategies for innovation applied by sport organizations hold the potential to radically change how we play, view and organize sport. In other words, through strategy, strategic management and innovation modern sport is shaped and improved (Ratten, 2016).
Methods: The method of this study in terms of purpose was applied and in terms of gathering data was a descriptive correlation. The statistical community of this research were 118 managers and staffs of sports complexes of Tehran city. Sampling was done in the form of available. For gathering data the questionnaire of strategic thinking, innovation, and brand governance was used. For the statistical analysis of data at the level of descriptive statistics, frequency tables, percentages, averages, and the standard deviation is used and at the level of inferential statistics, Pearson correlation test, and for presenting a model of the structural equation of research variables, the PLS software was used.
Results: Research findings showed that brand governance had a significant effect on the innovation of sports services, also a positive and significant effect were observed between strategic thinking and innovation of sports services. Based on the results of the research model, it was characterized that brand governance and strategic thinking had a positive and significant effect on the innovation of sports services.
Conclusion: Due to the research results, if the sports complexes take brand governance and strategic thinking seriously in their organization, they can adapt themselves better to the changes of the day and if necessary make innovation in their services.