The effect of education through gamification on understanding the innovation of value system

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1Department of Physical Education, University of Allame Tabatabai’, Tehran, Iran
2Department of Physical Education, Faculty of Sport Management, University of Allame Tabatabai’, Tehran, Iran
Introduction: The purpose of this study was the effect of education through gamification on understanding the innovation of value-creating system and creativity of sports managers in Iran.
Methods: The research method was quasi-experimental research. The statistical population of the study included all sports managers across the country who worked in the Ministry of Sports and Youth and the General Directorate of Physical Education. A research sample of 45 people was purposefully selected from the statistical population. In this study, a researcher-made questionnaire designed both paper and web based was used, and its validity was confirmed and the reliability of the questionnaire and the computer game were 0.98 and 0.9 respectively. To provide descriptive data, statistical index of frequency, frequency percentage and table drawing were presented and also Shapirovik test (to check the normality of data distribution). To analyze the data, Levene's test was used to check the data variance and University test (analysis of covariance) was used to compare the means of the groups.
Results: From the obtained results, it can be said that due to the need for sports managers in the country to be creative and innovative in the productive system as one of the components of strategic thinking, the type of training method is effective in their learning and motivation.
Conclusion: The desired component was the gamification method, which was welcomed by managers and according to statistical and descriptive results, this method was much more effective than traditional educational methods