The role of managers'''' financial intelligence in the development of digital marketing activities of sport federations

Oral Presentation , Page 233-233 (1)
Paper ID : 1103-SPORTCONGR
1. Assistant Professor, Department of Sport Management, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran.
Introduction: Having financial intelligence as basic information for choosing investments is one of the factors that can influence investment decisions (Kashkoli & Shirazi, 2019). It should also be noted that it is possible to use e-commerce strategies to develop maximum revenue for them (Ravihara, Danthanarayana, Fernando, 2019). Therefore, the aim of this study was to investigate the role of managers' financial intelligence in development of digital marketing activities of sports federations.
Methods: This research was a descriptive-survey research of correlation analysis based on the purpose of applied research and in terms of data collection method. The statistical population was all managers, experts and presidents of Iranian sports federations that according to Morgan table, 282 people were included in the study by available sampling method. In order to collect information from the checklist of demographic characteristics, financial intelligence questionnaire (Popovis et al., 2012) and Ekhtiaraddin digital marketing questionnaire (2017) were used. Descriptive and inferential statistical methods were used to analyze the data.
Results: The results showed that e-marketing was in good condition but financial intelligence was bad (unfavorable). It was also found that managers' financial intelligence had a significant positive effect on development of e-marketing of sports federations (Sig = 0.001, t = 0.513).
Conclusion: It should be noted that a manager with the necessary financial knowledge and financial analysis ability, can use this information to set up a comprehensive e-marketing system. On the other hand, access to regular and coherent financial information of the organization can help the manager to better implement the marketing system. A consistent study was not found in this regard, but in the research of Radikoniana et al. (2015), the impact of financial factors on the development of digital marketing of major sporting events has been pointed out.