Recognizing the challenges of the post corona sports tourism industry of Iran

Poster Presentation , Page 269-269 (1)
Paper ID : 1111-SPORTCONGR
1. Assistant Professor, Department of Sport Management, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran
Introduction: World fears of potential rapid expansion corona virus leads to fundamental limitations in life around the world (Hellewell et al, 2020) And this situation disrupted the health and economy of countries (Gallego et al, 2020). Perhaps one of the sectors that suffered the most was the tourism industry. In all sub-sectors related to tourism, including transportation, historical and tourism visits, restaurants, hotels and all sectors related to tourism around the world suffered serious damage (Yavari Gohar and Mansouri-Moaeid, 2020). The aim of this study was to identify the post-coronary challenges of the sports tourism industry in Iran.
Methods: The present study was a descriptive-applied study that was conducted using thematic analysis. The statistical population was faculty members of sports management, faculty members of tourism and managers and experts aware of the field of sports tourism. Sampling was done by purposive sampling with 14 people with theoretical saturation. Data analysis was performed using open, axial and selective coding methods.
Results: From the analysis of qualitative data, 4 main categories and 20 sub-categories in the field of post-corona challenges were obtained, which included psychological challenges, socio-cultural challenges, business challenges and challenges of sports goods and services.
Conclusion: It should be acknowledged that the change in people's tastes and behaviors from direct to virtual presence at sporting events, the establishment of an online tour system, the creation of e-businesses (such as building reservation applications), the difficulty of buying sports event tickets, increase The prices of domestic and international flight tickets, etc., pointed out that the necessary arrangements should be made by the relevant authorities to deal with these challenges properly and in a timely manner