Number of Proceedings: 298

126 The Effect of Vestibular Exercises on Motor Function and Life Quality of Elderly Women in Qom City
Amir hamzeh Sabzi*; Farnaz Torabi; Aliyeh Amini Khanavandi
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127 The Effect of Traditional Games on Perceived Physical Fitness and Fitness Factors of 7 to 11-Year-Old Boys
Amir hamzeh Sabzi*; Farnaz Torabi; Zeinab Akramian Arani
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128 The Effect of Table Tennis Training on Static Balance, Dynamic Balance and Working Memory of Educable Mentally Retarded Children
Amir hamzeh Sabzi*; Azar Aghayari; Zahra Ramrodi
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129 The Effect of Cognitive Games on Mental Rotation of Badminton Expert Junior Girls
Farnaz Torabi; Mahtab Asgari*
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130 The effect of pretend play on the self-perception in children with learning disabilities
Farzaneh Khanzadi*; Zahra Fathi Rezaei; Seyed Hojjat Zamani Thani
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131 The Relationship Between Sedentary Behavior and Cognitive Function in Older Women
Elaheh Yousefi*; Zahra Fathirezaie; Fereshteh Yousefi
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132 The effect of 8 weeks of plyometric exercises in aquatic and land on the anaerobic ability of lower and upper limbs and the swimming record of adolescent boy''s swimmers
Ghader Ahmadzadeh*; Payam Saidie
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133 The effect of resistance and endurance training on patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
Ehsan Yousefi Niyasari; Maryam Pourarshad*
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134 The effect of aerobic, anaerobic, and combined exercises on the elderly with type 2 diabetes
Ali Sarlak*
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135 The effects of HIIT exercise and omega-3 supplementation on appetite levels in obese women
Khadijeh Irandoust*
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136 The effects of 8 weeks of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise with muscle relaxation on quality of life and sleep quality in patients improved by COVID-19
Manouchehr Kiani Moghadam*; Somayeh Momeni; Farzaneh Movaseghi
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137 Effect of short-term garlic supplementation and aerobic activity on changes in blood pressure and fatigue in men
Ebrahim Ahmadian Hiran*; Marefat Siahkuhian; Soheila Hemmti Shekarab
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138 The Sound Localization Ability of Students with Visual Impairment in Goalball players, Non- goalball Player Groups and Their Peers with Normal Vision
Saheb Yousefi; Saeid Hassanzadeh*
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139 Changes in mental health, eating habits, and physical activity levels of elite athletes during the Iranian COVID-19 pandemic lockdown
Atefeh Esmaeili*; Morteza Taheri; Khadijeh Irandoust
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140 The effect of vitamin D supplementation on reducing the secretion of inflammatory cytokines in the cytokine storm of coronary patients
Maryam Pourarshad*; Mohammad Mehdi Eydian kakhaki
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141 The relationship between physical activity, body image, and eating disorders during the COVID-19 pandemic in high-school girls
Zahra Hemati Farsani*; Majid Mardaniyan Ghahfarrokhi; Mohammad Faramarzi; Zahra Reisi
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142 The antioxidant effect of TRX training in sedentary obese women
Seyed Leili Housaini; Mojtaba Izadi; Zahra Mirakhori*
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143 The effect of high-intensity interval exercises on changes in tissue levels of HMGB1, TLR4, and TNF-α in male rats with myocardial infarction
Rahman Soori*; Zahra Mosayebi; Parisa Pournemati; Ali Akbarnejad
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144 The effect of four weeks of chamomile extract consumption and endurance training on the anxiety level of young male karate players before the competition
Khadijeh Irandoust; Morteza Taheri; Esmaeal Shaabani Ezdini*; Ebrahim Shaabani Ezdini
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145 The survey of troponin in professional and amateur runners after endurance exercises
Fatemeh Rashidi*; Amir Nasrollahizade
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146 The effect of competitive and non-competitive environment on learning forehand khaki tennis skills in children 10 to 12 years old and the role of gender in it
Mohammad Taghi Aghdasi; Parisa Amininasab*; Shirin Yazdani
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147 Investigation of effects of spark and school-based training on motor skills in children with high functioning Autism
Reza Motejaded*; Elahe Arab ameri; Masoume Shojaei
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148 The effectiveness of cognitive rehabilitation and physical exercise on locomotor movement skills of children with developmental coordination disorder
Ayoub Hashemi*; Robabeh Rostami; Habib Hadianfard
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149 Effects of water exercise on motor skill in the geriatric population: a systematic-review and meta-Analysis
Mahboubeh Ghayour najafabadi; Minoo Wien*
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150 The effect of overtraining on health and sport performance
Farhad Rahmani-Nia*
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