Number of Proceedings: 298

76 The effect of knowledge management on performance of sport federations in the Islamic Republic of Iran with mediating role of strategic thinking
Seyed Ehsan Amirhosseini*; Samad Goodarzi; Fatemeh Mirakhori
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77 Investigating the conceptual model of the effect of perceived brand value on brand preference from the perspective of sports goods customers
Mehdi Hemmatjou; Hossein Donyapour*
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78 Effect of 8 weeks of exercise training on the genes experission of bax and bcl2 in the liver tissue of male wistar rats
Saeed Naghibi*; Mitra Mostafaie; Mohammad Reza Asad
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79 Identify organizational factors in the development of sport and physical activity in children
Asra Ershad*; Maryam Aziziani; Ahmad Mahmoudi
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80 Evaluation of the effect of eight weeks of aerobic and TRX training with quinoa supplementation on body index and serum levels of irisin in overweight adult women in Ardabil
Behnaz Behzadi*; Sajjad Anoushiravani; Ameneh Pourrahim
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81 The status of social responsibility of the wrestling federation and its consequences
Morteza Kaboli*; Saeed Rostampoor
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82 Investigation of the causes and effects of unethical behaviors and violence among premier League fans Iran
Morteza Razmpush*; Farzam Farzan
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83 Iran''''s sports environmental scanning based on strategic foresight and determining economic driver forces
Reza Farokhshahinia*; Moslem Shirvaninaghani; Javad Shahlaee
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84 Investigating the relationship between fan motivations and alexithymic character in Iranian football Premier League fans
Bahador Azizi*; Malihe sadat Aghaei Shahri; Ahmad Mahmoudi; Nafise Mobaraki
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85 Presenting a native model of sports consumer behavior according to the Howard-Sheth model
Farrokhleqa Najafzadeh*; Ali Zarei; Farshad Tojari
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86 The study of relation between emotional intelligence and interpersonal conflicts among employees of sport football clubs in Isfahan
Masoud Naderian Jahromi*; Melika Ardestini samani
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87 The effect of voluntary exercise on inflammation, immune cell infiltration, and demyelination of spinal cord in mouse model of multiple sclerosis
Amir Hossein Saffar Kohneh Quchan; Mohammad Reza Kordi*; Fatemeh Shabkhiz; Parisa Pournemati
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88 Sport mascot-super hero; a new sport branding theory
Mehdi Rasooli*; Amir Sedighi; Parastoo Ghodsi
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89 The effect of male body mass index(BMI) on COVID- 19 disease infection
Sahar Bala khiyavi; Fatemeh Sarparast; Vahid Seyedazizi*
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90 Comparison of sleep quality of athletes and non-athletes aged 20 to 35 years in the pandemic of Covid-19
Sima Mousavi*; Khadijeh Irandoust; Liyan Fathi hertke
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91 Study of the effect of aerobic exercise on cardiomyocyte apoptosis in male Wistar rats
Sepideh Poursadeghi*; Elham Vosadi
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92 Evaluation of the role of weight and obesity control plan for female students (Koch), on body mass index(BMI) during coronavirus pandemic
Abolfazl Rahmani; Shima Sharifi; Siavash Rajabi*
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93 The effect of sleep deprivation for 24 hours on working memory and burnout of athletes
Ehsan Hosseini Sianaki*
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94 Investigation of Plyometric and Endurance training on Athletic Performance in Female Elite Rowers
Faraqhnaz Amirshaghaghi*; Fatemeh Shabkhiz
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95 Investigating the Nutritional Approaches of Physical Education and Non-Physical Education Students Before and During Covid-19
Abed Mahmoudian*; ‌Hadi Golpasandi
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96 Evaluating the combined effect of ergogenic pomegranate juice consumption and combined training on aerobic power of young amateur footballers
Sajjad Moradi*; Hamid Mohebbi; Abuzar Jorbonian
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97 The effect of eight weeks of neuromuscular coordination training on physiological, skill and physical factors of teenage football players
Mehran Nasiri*; Younes Mosadegh
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98 SIRT3 and hepatic oxidative stress response to aerobic exercise in high-fat diet feeding rats
Ebrahim Moslehi najafabadi*; Bahman Khalvati; Zahra Moslehi Najafabadi; Hossein Sadeghi
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99 Comparison of the effect of virtual reality training and real-world training children''''s exercise motivation and Number of daily steps
Mahnaz Niazi*; Elham Vosadi; Ali Younesian; Sepideh Poursadeghi Dogaheh
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100 The effects of chronic weightlessness on Dynamic balance ability of Professional Divers in versus healthy subjects
Roozbeh Sandgol; Mahdiye Akoochakian*; Mohammad Hossein Alizadeh
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