Number of Proceedings: 298

101 The effect of removing visual sense information on maximal knee flexion and abduction during single-leg landing in healthy young active men
Nader Nokhodchi*
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102 Psychological predictors of sport injuries among Kermanshah junior skate players
Faezeh Teymouri*
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103 The effects of an 8-week supervised versus unsupervised combined home balance-resistance exercise program on balance, functional mobility, and fear of falling in older adults with a history of falls
Bahareh Kamali Choukanlou; Ahmad Ebrahimi Atri; Behanaz Shahtahmassebi*
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104 Comparing the effects of Pilates exercise and home exercise on functional ability, knee joint range of motion and pain in women aged 50-65 years with knee osteoarthritis: a randomized controlled trial
Fatemeh Rezvani Majd; Ahmad Ebrahimi Atri; Zahra Rezaei Yazdi; Shahnaz Bambeichi; Behanaz Shahtahmassebi*
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105 Effect of warm-up (general and post-activation potentiation) on vertical jump and jump-landing technique of persons with trunk dysfunction
Zahra Ghahremani*; Hassan Daneshmandi; Mehrdad Anbarian
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106 A Survey on Work-related Postural and Musculoskeletal Disorders Among Iran Railway Staff
Shahriar Rafiei Milajerdi*; Yahya Sokhanguei; Alireza Rahimi; Mahboubeh Ghayour Najafabadi
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107 The effect of exercise interventions on the balance of diabetic neuropathic patients: A systematic review
Fateme Ebrahimi; Mahdiye Akoochakian*; Mansoor Sahebzamani
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108 The effect of biofeedback exercises on muscle activity of trapezius and flexion range of motion in people with shoulder impingement syndrome
Hadi Miri; Fariborz Hovanloo; Mojtaba Rahimi Bidhendi*
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109 The effects of a core stability based corrective exercise program on improving functional movement patterns in male adults with lumbar hyperlordosis
Mojtaba Rahmani; Shahrzad Zandi*; Hooman Minoonejad
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110 Identifying and ranking the steps of sports equipment purchase process in schools
Majid Jalali Farahani; Ebrahim Alidoust Ghahfarrokhi*; Ali Amani Samani
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111 Comparing the activities of official Instagram account of Persepolis and Barcelona
Ali Amani Samani; Ebrahim Alidoust Ghahfarrokhi*; Amin Dehghan Ghahfarroki
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112 Identifying and studying the ways of generating income for sports teams in Iran
Rahim Khosromanesh*; Mahdi Dastgerdi; Ameneh Asadolahi
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113 Standardization of Organizational Performance Questionnaire
Zahra Beigomi*
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114 Identifying and studying the roles of the National Media in professional sports in Iran
Mahdi Dastgerdi; Rahim Khosromanesh*; Ameneh Asadolahi
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115 Theoretical Model of Strategies and Consequences of Sport for all Development in the Province of Khorasan Razavi (Using the Data Theory of the Foundation)
Arehzoo Erfanian ghareh ahle zanjan*; Jafar Khoshbakhti; Alireza Khademloo
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116 Comparing the impact of covid-19 on people''''s participation in different sports at the sport clubs in Tehran
Fatemeh Khooshehkar*; Akbar Farid Fathi
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117 Identifying the demographic key drivers of Sections quad of Iran''''s sports based on strategic foresight by 2036
Reza Farokhshahinia*; Habib Honari; Gholam ali Kargar
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118 Evaluating the optimal access to sports facilities
Aram Moradi*
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119 Phenomenological analysis (understanding of lived experiences) of national team athletes from the consequences of sports injuries
Eskandar Hosseinpure*; Malihae Chaarkhab
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120 Evaluation of the effectiveness of dynamic yard design on physical, psychological dimensions and academic performance of students of elementary school (with public sports development approach)
Abolfazl Ghanbari*; Somayeh Heidari; Amir Mohammad Khosravi Farsani
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121 Comparison of the effect of covid-19 on the performance of the Olympic and Paralympic contingent of the selected countries in the Tokyo 2020 games
Amir Mohammad Khosravi Farsani*; Somayeh Heidari; Abolfazl Ghanbari
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122 Supporting the Reduction of the Directions Number of the Star Excursion Balance Test as a Dynamic Balance Test
Ahmad Alimardani; Shahzad Tahmaseb*; Mehdi Fahimi
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123 Effect of 6 Months Online Physical Activity Education on Physical Literacy of Adolescents at Social Distancing of Covid-19 Pandemic
Mostafa Mohammadzadeh*; Fatemeh Keshvari; Mahmoud Sheikh
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124 Do geographical Regions have a different effect on motor development?
Mahmoud Sheikh; Davoud Houminiyan Sharif Abadi; Majid Mohammadi*; Noman Moradizadeh
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125 Psychophysiological Reactions to Yoga and Mental Practice Based on Concurrent Biofeedback Tests in Obese Elderly with Anxiety
Morteza Taheri*
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