Number of Proceedings: 298

201 The Role of Strategic Planning in Increasing Organizational Productivity in Sports Associations
Mahdi Barani*; Mahdi Talebpour; Mohammad Keshtidar
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202 Investigating the Relationship between Physical Activity and Quality of Life in Staff of Misan University of Iraq
Hasan Mahhor Abdolreza Almajedi*; Seyed Hosein Marashian; Sedigheh Heydarinejad; Tahereh Azmsha
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203 The marketing intelligence and its decisive role in neuromarketing and brand preference of sports equipment by consumers
Maryam Khodayari*; Farrokhlegha Najafzadeh
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204 The relationship between physical factors and increasing women''''''''s sports participation in Tehran
Sakineh Ghasemi; Hasan Ghasemali pour; Maryam Torki*
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205 Designing the model of cultural barriers of women''''s participation in leisure sports activities
Mehdi Salimi*; Leila Moslehi; Amir Hossein Labbaf
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206 The impact of social media marketing on intention to buy and loyalty to sports services brand
Ali Saberi*
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207 The effect of socialization on organizational identification in experts of physical education faculties of public universities in Tehran
Mehri Darabi*; Mohammad Mehdi Tootifar Tehranpour
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208 Evaluating the criteria required for the public relations managers of sports organizations
Nadie Nazerfard*; Mohammad Sanjari; Zahra Mousivand
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209 Heritage sports tourism: identification and leveling of factors affecting the development of heritage sports tourism in Iran
Reza Heydari; Mohammad Keshtidar*; Seyed Morteza Azimzadeh; Mahdi Talebpour; Haywantee Ramkissoon
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210 Identifying Barriers to Outsourcing Sports Facilities to State Universities
Arman Jabraeile*; Ehsan Mohamadi Turkmani
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211 The relationship between coaching behavior style, the pleasure of exercise, and athletes'''' moral health
Hamid Reza Safari Jafarloo*; Mohammad Sadegh Afroozeh; Ehsan Mohamadi Turkmani; Nahid Behmard
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212 The effect of emotional factors on the sales performance of sports stores in Isfahan
Karim Zohrevandian*; Farnaz Fakhri; Ameneh Abedkish
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213 Investigating the Factors Influencing the Effective Management of Physical Education Classroom during Coronavirus Pandemic
Qmars Shahbazirad*; Sajad Soroush
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214 The relationship between virtual sports business entrepreneur characters and media literacy
Javad Shahlaeebagheri; Kamand Hashem*
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215 Evaluating and comparing the effectiveness of three types of marketing related to sport events
Saeedeh Kashani*; Mohammad Javad Javdani
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216 The relationship between online social brand identity and customer loyalty of Mashhad bodybuilding and aerobics clubs
Neda Ziaei Ghochan Atigh; Ali Benesbordi*; Parvin Shooshinasab
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217 Identifying the factors affecting the attitude of school principals (Ahvaz city) towards the importance of physical education lessons
Seyed Karim Hosseini; Seyed Hosein Marashian*; Mohamad Hassan Ferdowsi
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218 Identifying strategies to prevent collusion in sports in the country
Hoda Darboy*; Hadi Bagheri
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219 The effect of the economic factors on virtual education in physical education
Yasaman Sadat Asl Ahmadi*; Rahim Ramezaninejad; Hamid Reza Gohar Rostami
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220 Developing a model of sport self-efficacy based on social support and socioeconomic status in female athletes (mediating variable of motivation for sports participation)
Mohammad Hassan Ferdowsi; Soodabeh Zebarjad*
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221 Investigating the consequences of covid-19 on student’s personal and academic lives
Sajad Soroush*; Negar Gholipour
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222 Components of legal literacy of Iranian Premier League Soccer Players; A Qualitative Study
Vahid Shojaei*
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223 Predicting professional ethics through organizational maturity of the staffs of the Ministry of Sport and Youth
Shokoufeh Ganji*; Zahra Mousivand
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224 The Role of Job Characteristics of Physical Education Teachers in the Intramural Sport Olympiad
Ehsan Malekipour Horjandi*; Esmaeil Sharifian
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225 What are the most important economic barriers to outsourcing sports facilities to public universities?
Arman Jabraeile*; Khosro Kiani; Mehrab Taghavi
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